Dyeing auxiliaries are fine chemical products in the textile printing and dyeing industry applications. Dyeing agent is an important type of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, generally according to the classification of dyes, to name different types of dyeing agents. Dyeing auxiliaries is mainly included auxiliary for cotton, auxiliaries for polyester, auxiliaries for wool and nylon, auxiliaries for acrylic etc.

To be specific, dyeing agents include leveling agent, fixing agent, dispersing agent, fluorescent whitening agent, and softener. Textile dyeing auxiliaries are essential to enhance the value-added and upgrading of textiles, they can also make the textile more contemporary, functional, and high-grade. To some extend, dyeing auxiliaries’ quality affects directly the fabric quality.

Textile Chemical thinks that the color difference of reactive dyes of cotton knitted fabrics is m

Products Key Functions
Dalewash-7SK A very effective dispersing and washing agent for reactive dyed fabric.
Dalewash-KN330 A highly concentrated effective washing agent specialy designed for turquoise and blue shades.
Dalewash-K400 Conc A very effective collidal based dispersing agent for VAT and reactive dyed fabric
Dalewash-KL20 A cost effective collidal based dispersing and washing agent for reactive dyeing.
Daledye-ANC Conc High performance, polymeric dye bath lubricant.
Daledye-E2D Conc Concentrated and strong leveling/dispersing agent for reactive dyes
Daledye PNK New Leveling and dispersing agent for polyester and blends.
Daledye-PMN Low cost, highly efficient cationising agent for pigment dyeing.
Dalefix-FEF Conc A low foam dyeing assistant for polyester/cellulosic blends and nylon
Dalefix-FEF Highly concentrated formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyed cellulosic fabric.
Dalefix-RCN Cost effective formaldehyde free fixing agent for effective colour fastness.
Dalefix-FXN Low formaldehyde fixing agent for reactive dyes.
Dalefix-BSN Cost effective, low formaldehyde fixing agent for reactive dyes.
Daledye-CPD Strong, low formaldehyde fixing agent for reactive dyes.

Dyeing auxiliaries mean a chemical or formulated chemical product which enables a processing operation in preparation, dyeing, printing or finishing to be carried out more effectively, or which is essential if a given effect is to be obtained. Main functions of dyeing auxiliaries to prepare the substrate for coloration, to stabilize the application medium, to increase the fastness properties of dyeing, to modify the substrates etc. In this article I will give a list of dyeing auxiliaries and explain some important auxiliaries function in dyeing.