Information on TEXDALE health and safety measures and tips to keep safe during the pandemic


All products manufactured at Texdale are the subsequent results of the raw materials obtained from various suppliers. During formulation, blending, and mixing of the raw materials, new substances or compounds are not formed. As a result, our present product line doesn’t need to acquire registration, however, we do establish the confirmation that our vendors own substantial documentation for registration and compliance with regulations and standards. we have alternate registered suppliers, locally and internationally, for our raw materials which ensure that our product range will always be on the shelf. At Texdale we always buy our materials only from EU and international REACH compliance firms.

As for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), At Texdale it is our aim to reduce the use of such materials. In case any of our products containing SVHC’s, they are mentioned in the Material Safety Data Sheets. We do our utmost to educate our clients about the possible alternatives, wherever it’s practice.


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