Special finishes use on textile materials to enable them to use for special purposes such as the finishing of fabrics with flame retardants can reduce the tendency to burn or reduce the tendency to propagate the flame. Laminating is the permanent joining of two or more prefabricated fabrics.

texdale special finishes
Products Key Functions
Easy Finish-LOR A very low formaldehyde, low temperature curing resin.
Easy Finish-PCR A very low formaldehyde pre-catalyzed resin
Easy Finish-FBO Formaldehyde free resin for crease recovery finishes
Easy Finish-4030 A highly concentrated, low formaldehyde resin for easy care finishes.
Easy Finish-2010 A very low formaldehyde resin.
Easy Finish-LR A cost effective low formaldehyde resin.

Water & Oil Repellents

Water and oil repellency are among the most common functional properties necessary for protective clothing. These properties can be conferred by the modification of the surface energy of textile fibers, possibly confined to a thin surface layer, so that the bulk properties of the fabric, such as mechanical strength, flexibility, breath-ability, and softness remain un-compromised [1,2]. The modification routes should meet the criteria of green chemistry as much as possible. In particular, the use of harmless solvents and non-toxic chemicals should be a characteristic of the process. This principle, in agreement with the ecological orientation of industrial textile chemistry, limits in a significant way the number of viable strategies and reactions. Among them, photo-grafting by UV light combines the inherent benefits of photochemical initiation, namely a fast, versatile,efficient process and the advantage of a surface grafting that does not modify the bulk properties nor degrade the fiber structure

Products Key Functions
Daleguard-WC6 Oil, water and stain repellent with C6 technology.
Daleguard-NLD Low cost oil, water and stain repellent with C6 technology
Daleguard-WR6 C6 based cost effective oil and water repellents.
Daleguard-FCG C8 based oil and water repellent for durable wash requirements
Daleguard-FCSP C6 based stain released agent for durable wash requirements.

Anti Microbial

Textile materials are not only related to microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria, odor generating bacteria, and mold fungi but also good media for the growth of microorganisms. Nowadays people are very conscious about hygiene and cleanliness. Microbial infestation poses danger to both living and non-living matters. The obnoxious smell from the inner garments such as socks, the spread of diseases, staining, and degradation of textiles are some of the detrimental effects of bad microbes. Though the use of antimicrobials has been known for decades, it is only in a recent couple of years several attempts have been made on finishing textiles with antimicrobial compounds.

Products Key Functions
Microbial-PHM Durable odour control and anti microbial protection.
Microbial-DND Highly durable silver based microbial protection approved from EPA and EU regulators
Microbial-BKV Highly effective broad spectrum protection against fungi and bacteria.
Microbial-KM80 Anti-insect and anti-allergenic protection.
Microbial-BR-PS Durable odour control and anti-microbial protection
Microbial-MNP Durable anti-microbial protection.

Flame Retardants

As the whole environment is going highly technical and risky, the demand for specially treated textile such as flame-resistant fabric has grown significantly. In the process of meeting these demands, synthetic fiber has played a significant role. However, along with many advantages, these synthetic fabrics are also prone to fire. Whether it is concerned with the various electrical or electronics items in offices or dealing with highly flammable materials in other places including hotels, hospitals, and even homes, the need for protective clothing is felt everywhere. The textile industry has found the solution by developing flame retardant finish for synthetic fibers like polyester fabrics, nylon fabrics, polypropylene fabrics, etc. By applying flame retardants, fabrics are made flame resistant.

Products Key Functions
Daleflame-NV3 Non-durable flame retardant for cotton, cellulosics and synthetics
Daleflame-SEM Semi-durable flame retardant for cotton, cellulosics and synthetics.
Daleflame-FRB Semi-durable flame retardant for cotton, cellulosics and synthetics developed specially for treatment of high-hazard areas.
Daleflame-PER50 Durable flame retardant for cotton, cellulosics and synthetics.