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The “grand finale” of the cycle chain is finishing. We assist fashion designers in realizing their visions and garment factories in producing high-quality garments. The industry is increasingly demanding textile finishes with real added benefits, such as easy treatment, increased longevity, and better comfort, where simplicity is the primary goal. The chemistry needs to be perfect, just as in any decent relationship. And we make sure that it is: Precision chemistry is used to finish textiles for superior wearability, usage, processability, or fashion features.

Smooth or soft, glossy or matte, wash and wear, crease-resistant, shrink-proof, mud, grease, and water repellent, At Texdale we have the formulas to make the product dreams a reality.

Flame retardants, paste coating, and double dot coating materials for applications with hot-melt powders, polyurethanes, formaldehyde-free filling finish, reactive polyurethane hot melt for lamination of breathable foils, and advanced textiles are all part of our new Technical Textiles product group.


  1. A wide variety of cloth finishing results are available for all application methods.
  2. On nearly all fabrics, there are extraordinary inventions for virtually every desired result.
  3. Items of high quality that are well-known around the world
Products Key Functions
Dalesoft-VM80 A cost effective, high solid micro emulsion silicone softner
Dalesoft-NYD20 A highly concentrated micro-emulsion for all types of fabrics
Dalesoft-MAC Macro emultion for durable and wash resistant fineshes
Dalewash-A50 A cost effective collidal based dispersing and washing agent for reactive dyeing.
Dalesoft-VM22 This product delivers soft and smooth handle with excellent drape as well as conferring improvements in crease recoverey, sewability, fabric strength and abrasion resistance.
Dalesoft-VMH Silicone micro emulsion for use in harsh processing conditions
Dalesoft-NS1 Silicone semi-micro emulsion for an ultra smooth handle
Dalesoft-W1C conc Hydrophilic micro emulsion silicone softner and anti static agent
Dalesoft-KNB A cost effective hydrophilic micro emulsion softening for towel
Dalesoft-PDY This product imparts good anti-static properties along with effective hydrophilic features
Dalesoft-SL-30 A non-ionic polyethylene based softener which improves sewability
Dalesoft-SL A non ionic modern, high quality and cost effective polyethylene softner
Dalesoft-HPE Superior grade high density polyethylene wax emulsion for sewablility improvement
Dalesoft-SLW A very cost effective primary polyethylene wax based softener
Dalesoft-SOL Fatty acid based catonic softener