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Auxiliaries for unhairing and deliming processes, enzymes for soaking and bating processes, and depicting and sequestering auxiliaries for preventing lime blasts are also part of this product line. Environmentally sustainable beamhouse processes are feasible thanks to specially developed materials. CORATYL®, NETAZYM, PELLUCIT®, and RECTIL are only a few of the beamhouse brands available to our clients.


  1. Wetting agents with a high soaking power that reduces the processing time and improves the cleaning operation of the hide/skin
  2. Hair save liming system allows for the use of lower levels of sulfide offer as well as a decrease of solid wastes in residual bath, resulting in flat and clean hides/skins.
  3. Nitrogen and boric acid-free dealing with a moderate and uniform action yield smooth and fine-grained hides/skins.

15 Million

chemical gallon made

2 Million

Gallon saved per year.


Meters of fabric

40% Water

Chemical recycled