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Spin Finishes:

  1. Because of the single product concepts, there is a high degree of versatility and ease of handling.
  2. High fiber spinning speeds are possible due to the balanced frictional and antistatic properties, which allow for high fiber spinning speeds without losing yarn quality.
  3. Outstanding yarn uniformity is obtained, with relatively few yarn defects.
  4. High processing versatility enables the fiber to be processed using a variety of spinning technologies.
  5. Concepts can be combined with other components to enhance particular properties.
  6. Applicable following fiber dyeing processes to ensure proper spinning results.
  7. Special product ideas give the fiber a softer touch without losing spinning efficiency.


  1. Excellent antistatic effects of minimal foaming.
  2. Compliant with FDA and EU regulations.


Due to single product concepts and low foaming behavior, nonwovens have high versatility and ease of handling. The toxicological standards for hygiene and medical applications are met by Texdale spin finishes, which comply with FDA and EU regulations.

15 Million

chemical gallon made

2 Million

Gallon saved per year.


Meters of fabric

40% Water

Chemical recycled