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Texdale has a long history of providing a wide and dependable range of products for processing wool at any point of its production, from fiber to finished fabric. A variety of highly advanced products have a permanent place in the product range, in addition to global market leaders such as SELBANA®, which is used in the manufacture of worsted yarns:

Wool top making/ worsted spinning

For carding and combing of scoring wool, Texdale provides powerful lubricants such as SELBANA®, KATAX®, SILKOL® or SPREITAN®.

Woolen/ semi-worsted spinning

High processing efficiency is obtained by using Texdale auxiliaries, even when delicate fibers such as merino wool, alpaca, llama, cashmere, mohair, silk, and their blends of synthetic fibers are processed. The formulations SELBANA®, KATAX®, SILKOL®, or SPREITAN® help improve yarn evenness and yield while reducing neps, thin/thick areas, waste, and dust formation.

Needle punch operation

In needle felt operation, efficient lubrication with SELBANA®, KATAX®, and/or SILKOL® is critical for effective carding and downstream needling. In the production of geotextile, artificial leather, carpets, and felts for use in vehicle industries, excessive needle wear, and breakage, as well as degraded fabric, are minimized. Texdale offers well-approved lubricants with low VOC and FOG values for automotive end-use.

Twisting / Coning

By reducing the fiber-to-metal friction, the use of SPREITAN® in twisting helps to minimize dust and fiber fly. Texdale offers mineral oil-based coning oils as well as synthetic lubricants. They are commonly used in the Polyamide and Polyester industries because of their excellent lubricity and washability.

15 Million

chemical gallon made

2 Million

Gallon saved per year.


Meters of fabric

40% Water

Chemical recycled